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Instructions for 3D-printing the „Door Claw“

  • Biete

One of Vestas’ engineers has designed the ‘Door Claw’, a simple tool that allows you to open doors and touch screens without making contact. The 3D-printed tool is now being used in Vestas facilities and provided to hospitals and other front-line organisations for use by their staff to limit the spread of COVID-19. The design files are now available for anyone to download and use.

A large part of fighting COVID-19 is to limit people’s exposure to the virus, and one way to that is to reduce the number of contact points. The Door Claw is a simple tool that help do that and as one of Vestas’ partners we are happy to share the instructions on how to 3D-print it, so you and many others hopefully also can benefit from it.

If you think, the Door Claw could help you, the 3D-print file can be downloaded here or you can also read more about the Door Claw on our website.

We hope you find the Door Claw useful and if so, feel free to spread the word and links in your network.

Stay safe and all the best!