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3DP PAN EU has launched its Covid-19 Response Initiative

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Companies and organisations throughout the EU suffer supply chain problems as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. When stocks run out and you have difficulties buying parts or components from your regular suppliers, 3D printing may bring you the solution.

3DP PAN EU is a platform designed to map 3DP test and demonstration facilities in the EU, describing in detail the equipment and services that are available for use by third parties.

We have decided to extend the scope of the platform to 3DP production capacities in order to offer a helping hand to the medical world as well as to other sectors who are impacted.

Detail your production offer or specify your demand by clicking the button of your choice below.

3DP PAN EU and its partners hope this tool will help you in getting your operations up and running again. Feel free to share your experiences and feedback.